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Does Acupuncture Work for Neck Pain?

            Neck pain, in the medical world known as cervicalgia, is pain in or around the spine beneath the head known as the cervical spine. Luckily, in general, most cases of neck pain are not serious and do improve with treatment like acupuncture, medication, exercise, or managing stress. Obviously, neck pain in and of itself is pretty straight forward as to what it is, but there are various types of neck pain out there. It is important to understand these types as not all neck pain is the same, and this will ensure that you receive the most helpful treatment possible from your licensed acupuncturist.

  • Whiplash – this is usually related to a car accident or other trauma incident in which the head is suddenly jerked backward and forward. This can cause neck pain, dizziness, potential memory problems, and headaches.

  • Tech Neck – this occurs very often nowadays being that we are attached to our devices. Essentially, this happens when we spend more time hunched over our smart phones or various other devices causing strain on the neck.

  • Neck Strain – this happens when the neck muscles are overworked or in drawn out tension due to strange or sudden movements, many hours at a computer, or weak posture.

  • Cervical Radiculopathy – this is when surrounding tissues in the neck compress thus irritating the nerve within the neck frequently caused by herniated discs or bone spurs on the vertebrae in the cervical spine. This type of neck pain is a sharp, shooting pain radiating down the arm, and sometimes, it can also feel like numbness and tingling.

  • Cervicogenic Headaches – these headaches originate from a problem with the neck nerves, bones, or inflamed, damaged or misaligned muscles which press on the surrounding tissues causing headache and neck pain.

  • Cervical Spondylosis – this is also called neck osteoarthritis, which like other forms of osteoarthritis, involves the deterioration of the discs and joints in the cervical spine over time. This condition causes stiff and painful neck, and decreased range of motion.
  • Replenishing the body’s energy

  • Invigorating the biochemical changes in the neck and the central nervous system

  • Releasing muscle tension, facilitate pain alleviation, and decreasing inflammation by increasing blood flow

  • Reducing stress in the body and the mind which often can contribute to body pain such as in the neck.
  • Cupping – this is something many have heard of due to its popularity with various famous celebrities benefiting from its perks, easing muscles and stored up tension.

  • Ear Seeds – these are utilized to activate pressure points in the each which correspond with various parts of the body, and your acupuncturist may recommend to massage them throughout the day for boosted benefits.

  • Herbal Medicine – this is very common in an acupuncture practice to also see herbs for treating various conditions including neck pain. Herbal medicine such as turmeric, ginger, and devil’s claw all contain anti-inflammatory properties that can help eliminate neck pain.

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